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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 6/17/22



Dan Berry

Make It Then Tell Everybody 12 June 2022


Ep. 65: Dai Dark Volume 1, by Q Hayashida

June 15, 2022


In Memoriam: Tim Sale

Scoop June 17 2022



'Scurry', 'Ava's Demon', More

Brigid Alverson on June 17, 2022



LGBT Webtoons Collected by Scholastic

ICv2 on June 17, 2022


Awesome Con in Photos Part II

Scoop June 17 2022


Angelo Torres Celebrated in Short Film

Scoop June 17 2022


My Dinner With Angelo [Angelo Torres]

Ian Scott McGregor



INTERVIEW: Akane Torikai - part 1-2

by Deb Aoki

MSX: Mangasplaining Extra June 17 2022


Followers Of Worth And Knowledge – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | June 17, 2022


Comics Veteran Liam Sharp Reaches For The Stars With His New Creator-Owned Project

Rob Salkowitz

Jun 10, 2022,


Milestone Media is on a mission to add young creators of color to the comic book universe

By Jevon Phillips

June 10, 2022


'Blood Syndicate,' the 'bastard child of comics,' is reborn

By Jevon Phillips

June 10, 2022


The Deaths, Teams, and Origins of "Dark Crisis" with Joshua Williamson

By Brian Salvatore | June 14th, 2022


WASH DAY DIARIES' Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith on Their Heartfelt Graphic Novel

by Tai Gooden

Jun 15 2022


Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum on MINOR THREATS' World and Villains

by Amy Ratcliffe

Jun 16 2022


INTERVIEW: Chris Grine Goes Everywhere With Secrets of Camp Whatever Vol. 2: The Doors to Nowhere

  Wendy Browne June 13, 2022


INTERVIEW: Alec Longstreth on Isle of Elsi [webcomics]

  Masha Zhdanova June 16, 2022


Netflix Settles Copyright Lawsuit Over Fish-Headed Villain in 'The Umbrella Academy'

Artist Kevin Atkinson accused the streamer and Gerard Way, the creator of the comic the series is adapted from, of copying his character, which first appeared in 1996.

by Winston Cho

June 9, 2022


Chris Ryall talks aliens and obsessions in 'Groom Lake: Grey Skies Above'

The follow-up to the 2009 series is currently crowdfunding via Zoop.

Chris Coplan

June 14, 2022


'Dreamer's got news': Nicole Maines and Tom Taylor talk 'Superman: Son of Kal-El' #13

David Brooke

June 10, 2022


X-Men Monday #159 – Roy Thomas Talks Cyclops and Marvel Girl's Romance, Diversifying the X-Men, Collaborating With Neal Adams, and More

Chris Hassan

June 13, 2022


Przywalny, D. . "Post-9/11 Dilemma over the Priority of National Security or Civil Liberties in Marvel Comics (2001-2004)". Ad Americam, vol. 23, June 2022, pp. 65-66, doi:10.12797/AdAmericam.23.2022.23.04.


The dawn of the living communities: for a mediology of horror fandom in Dylan Dog

Giorgio Busi Rizzi, Lorenzo Di Paola

H-ermes. Journal of Communication 21 (2022):


H-ermes. Journal of Communication N. 18 (2020), Special Issue - E-comics


Introduzione. E-comics - Attualità e inattualità del fumetto nel tempo digitale = Introduction. E-comics - The contemporary and uncontemporary nature of comics in the digital era

Sergio Brancato, Ivan Pintor Iranzo



Normalità del Web e alterità del fumetto = Normality of the Web and otherness of comics

Daniele Barbieri



From poly-medium to post-medium A discourse on non-evolutionary movements of manga and comics

Marco Pellitteri



Il fumetto digitale tra sperimentazione e partecipazione: il caso Homestuck = Digital comics halfway between experimentation and participation: the example of Homestuck

Giorgio Busi Rizzi



Marvel's Spider-Man: "Ragnoverso" crossmediale = Marvel's Spider-Man: crossmedia "Spider-Verse"

Nicolò Villani



Una lectura cuántica del Multiverso Marvel a través de su plataforma digital = A Quantic Reading of Marvel Multiverse through its Digital Platform

Francisco Saez de Adana          



Comics e identità marginali. Il fumetto transfemminista = Comics and marginal identities. The transfeminist comic

Sara Pastore



Fanzinismo catódico experimental desde España = Experimental cathodic fanzinism from Spain

Álvaro M. Pons Moreno



La vanguardia del cómic digital: Transmedialidad y recursos narrativos en Joselito de Marta Altieri = Digital Comics Avant-garde: Transmediality and narrative resources in Marta Altieri's Joselito

Roberto Bartual, Gerardo Vilches



Informazione digitale a fumetti e narrazioni "resistenti": il world-building del portale Graphic News = Digital comic information and narratives of resistance. The world-building of Graphic News portal

Federica Epifani, Antonella Rinella



Dalla tavola al touch (e ritorno). Rimediazioni tra fumetto cartaceo e digitale in Leo Ortolani = From paper page to touchscreen (and back). Remediations between printed and digital comics in Leo Ortolani

Alessio Aletta



Identità diasporica cinese nel fumetto di realtà: da American Born Chinese a Primavere e Autunni = Chinese Diasporic Identity in "reality-based comics": from American Born Chinese to Primavere e Autunni

Martina Caschera



Autoproduzioni in tempi digitali. Il caso Mammaiuto = DIY Comics in Digital Times. A Case Studies: Mammaiuto

Lisa Maya Quaianni Manuzzato



Sedurre a tavola: confini mutati tra pubblicità e fumetti per bambini = Seducing with panels: changing boundaries between advertising and children's comics

Eva Van de Wiele



Rage comics. La viralità del fumetto nell'era del remix infinito = Rage comics. Comics virality in the era of endless remixes

Emiliano Chirchiano



Historietas, lectores y máquinas de Turing = Comics, Readers and Turing Machines

Jesús Gisbert Sampedro



In the Pixar prequel 'Lightyear,' Buzz gets his own swashbuckling space epic

Stephen Thompson, Ronald Young Jr., Laura Sirikul

Pop Culture Happy Hour June 17, 2022


'Lightyear' Review: Infinite Buzz

By A.O. Scott

A version of this article appears in print on June 17, 2022, Section C, Page 6 of the New York edition with the headline: Before Buzz Was a Best-Selling Toy.


Buzz Lightyear origin story lacks magic of 'Toy Story' films [Buzz's origin story fails to achieve liftoff]

Review by Alan Zilberman

Washington Post June 17, 2022: Weekend 30

online at


'Mad God' Review: Highway to Hell

In this mostly animated experiment, the filmmaker Phil Tippett leads us through a stop-motion inferno of despair and devastation.

By Jeannette Catsoulis

A version of this article appears in print on June 17, 2022, Section C, Page 8 of the New York edition with the headline: Mad God.


The comics industry says goodbye to Tim Sale

The legendary Marvel and DC artist passes this past weekend at the age of 66

Taimur Dar



and courtesy of Frank Pauer, some older comic strip ones



Peters: The Chameleon of the Cartoon Set [Mike Peters]

Lew Powell

The Charlotte Observer

Oct. 24, 1976


Peters paints town black & white [Mike Peters]

James Demarest

The Oberlin Review

May 5, 1981


Mike Peters at the Democratic Convention

… at the Republican convention

Dayton Daily News

Sept. 12, 1976


Tutu and buy-buy [Mike Peters, Jim Davis]

Dayton Ballet's fortunes rise as cartoonists give it a beneficial twirl

Betty Dietz Krebs

Dayton Daily News

April 25, 1981


Peters' profession is making people mad [Mike Peters]

Dale Parry

Gannett News Service



[Mike Peters profile]

Chris Lawson

Beavercreek (OH) High School student newspaper

ca. 1978


Joking His Way To The Top [Mike Peters]

Ed Williams

Charlotte Observer

ca. 1982


Pulitzer Prize-winner prefers Dayton life [Mike Peters]

Betsy Harris

The Indianapolis Star

March 18, 1982


Faith, family help Dayton cartoonist cope with national fame [Mike Peters]

Peter Feuerherd

Catholic Telegraph

ca. 1982


His Business is Being Funny

Cartoonist Mike Peters To Visit College Thursday

Bob Dyer

The (OH) Daily Record

Feb. 16, 1983


As TV host, cartoonist draws on peers for sketches [Mike Peters]

Bob Batz

Dayton Daily News

Jan. 27, 1985


Fine 'tooning

Cartoonist Pete Hoffman's drawings resemble photographs

Tom Waniewski

University of Toledo Alumnus magazine

Spring 1994


Paige Braddock

Eye on Women: Keeping Up With the Women of Metro Atlanta



Bok named as finalist for Pulitzer [Chip Bok]

Don Bandy

Akron Beacon Journal



Humor from the Net [Peter Sinclair]

Celeste Dolan

The Underground Informer

Jan. 12, 1997


Interurban commuting [Milton Caniff]

Cartoonist was a regular

Roz Young

Dayton Daily News

Feb.8, 1997


Through the Keen Eyes of C.F. Payne

Donna Boen

Miamian (Miami University magazine)

Winter 1996-97


Constitution makes ink on paper inviolate

Defending Flynt an easy choice, considering founders' intent

Bob Englehart

Dayton Daily News

Jan. 19, 1997


A Pulitzer for 'The Post?'

Newspaper industry speculates Jeff Stahler is a leading contender

Felix Winternitz

Cincinnati CityBeat

Feb. 20-26, 1997


Cathy's creator to marry, but Cathy staying single as always [Cathy Guisewite]

Mary McCarty

Dayton Daily News

Aug. 10, 1997

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