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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 6/21/22


2022 Doug Wright Award Winners spotlight Conundrum Press

Dean Simons



2022 Max and Moritz Awards presented at Erlangen Comic Salon

Aisha Franz, Steven Appleby and Liv Strömquist were all among the top books

Dean Simons



Celebrating a Half Century of Doonesbury

R.C. Harvey | June 21, 2022


Amazon Promises Another Attempt to Make Comixology Suck Less; It's still not going to be good as the pre-Amazon takeover of the digital comics service, but at least it's something.

Rob Bricken

June 16 2022


Gravity Falls creator shares hilarious exchanges with Disney's censorship department

Inga Parkel

Fri, June 17, 2022


John Lees, Writer Of Hotell & The Crimson Cage From AWA Studios on TLDR

Joseph Gilmore and Nick Friar.

Apr 21, 2022


NYC's Star Cartoonist: The rise and rise of Ruben Bolling

Michele Willens

| 20 Jun 2022


Hunter, Goldberg, Bowman Win SPJ-DC Awards

by D. D. Degg

June 20, 2022 


8-story tall mural along 110 Freeway urges Californians to "Boost La Familia" [covid, Lalo Alcaraz]

By CBSLA Staff

June 17, 2022 / 11:36 AM / CBS Los Angeles

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