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Friday, October 9, 2020

Angouleme 2020 in Photos #4: 30 Years of L'Association


By Gerald Heng

Exhibits in Angouleme are generally comprehensive, overwhelming, crowded and only in French. Mr. Heng has braved the crowds to provide us with snapshots of the Festival so our readers can get a general impression. Catalogs for the major exhibits are on sale, but often sell out during the show. 

[editor's note - I apologize for not getting this up when the exhibit was actually available to see. Our reporters, Mssrs Heng and Nguyen were so industrious, they overwhelmed our staff, and this set of photographs vanished into my harddrive.  - MR]



New Issue of IJOCA is out - 22-1 Spring/Summer 2020 table of contents

Cultural Imperialism Strikes Back: A South American Symposium


Cultural Imperialism Strikes Back: A South American Symposium

Martin Alejandro Salinas and Sebastian Horacio Gago


One World, Many Batmen: From Cultural Imperialism to the Culture of the Empire

Martin Alejandro Salinas


"What Does a Few Lives Matter?'': Notes on Two Comic-book Invasions of Hector Oesterheld (1974-1977)

Sebastian Gago

Translated by Alejandra Pina Mas and Martin Salinas


Graphic Narratives, a Tool of Imperialism in South America?

Deconstructing American Superheroes in Brazilian and Chilean Comics (1960-1970)

Ivan Lima Gomes


Writing the History of Comics: The Case of. the Di Tella Biennial (Buenos Aires, "1968)

Lucas R. Berone

Translated by Mariana de Madariaga and Lucas Berone


Disney Academy: Donald Duck as the Western Imperialism Paradigm

Rodrigo Browne S. and Rosmery-Ann Boegeholz C.




Toxic Reading Material: Techniques Used by Society and Governments to Control Comic Books

Ignacio Fernandez Sarasola


Book Review Essay

Hector Fernandez L'Hoeste


Graphic Narratives in Sikh Comics: Iconography and Religiosity as a Critical Art Historical Enquiry

of the Sikh Comics Art Form

Jasleen Kandhari


Tintin: From Violent, Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical Peacenik

Marty Branagan


Lost in Modernity: Doodling in the Digital Age

Levi Obonyo and Njoki Chege


Sacrificing Healing: The Loss and Resilience of Yurok Healing in Chag Lowry and Rahsan Ekedal's Soldiers Unknown

Robyn Johnson


This Land Is Whose Land? Voices of Belonging in Three First-Generation American Graphic Memoirs

Mirvat Mohamed and Kirsten Mellegaard


Representations de l'autre solitude dans quelques BD et comics canadiens dont l'histoire se passe a Montreal (1st partie)

[Representations of the Other Solitude in Select Canadian Comics and BDs Which Take Place in Montreal (Part 1)]

Chris Reyns-Chikuma


Representations de l'autre solitude dans quelques BD et comics canadiens dont l'histoire se passe a Montreal (2· partie)

[Representation of the Other Solitude in Some Canadian BD and Comics Which Take Place in Montreal (Part 2)]

Chris Reyns-Chikuma


Chinese Comic Art Museums and Centers Part One: A Personal Mission

John A. Lent


Chinese Comic Art Museums and Centers Part Two: The China Comics Village

Yan Chuanming, Xu Ying, John A. Lent


Anime and Gender Roles in Kuwaiti Islamic Culture: A Conflict of Cultural Values?

Ahmed Baroody


The Outdatedness of Superheroism? The Condition of the Superhero Myth: Past and Today

Michal Chudolinski


Hans Jaladara, Creator of Indonesia's Panji Tengkorak

Iwan Zahar and Toni Masdiono with John A. Lent


Ganesh TH, the Author of Si Buta dari Goa Hantu: The Most Celebrated Comics of the Indonesian Comics Golden Age

lwan Zahar and Toni Masdiono


Nearly 50 Years Ago

An Early Glimpse of China's Maoist Comics: A Review

David Kunzie


"You're a star if you can louse up 70% of the time": Sport in Jeff MacNelly's "Shoe"

Jeffrey 0. Segrave and John A. Cosgrove


Flexible Comics?: Sequential Images on Screen Media

Jakob F. Dittmar


A Transmedia Case Study: Batman - The Animated Series

Jason D. DeHart



John A. Lent


The Printed Word

John A. Lent


Book Reviews

Maite Urcarcgui

Marie Sartain

Misha Grifka Wander

John A. Lent

Edward Salo

Sam Cowling

Patrick ljima-Washburn


Exhibition Review Essay

Exhibitions of the 47th Angouleme International Comics Festival

Nick Nguyen


Exhiibition Reviews

Nick Nguyen