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Monday, June 29, 2009

IJOCA's submission guidelines



Manuscripts should be sent electronically to John A. Lent, email: and The manuscript should include, title (not very long), author, text, endnotes, references, short bio data of author, in that order.

Deadlines: For Fall/Winter number: May 30.

                  For Spring/Summer number: Dec. 31.

Illustrations: Illustrations are strongly recommended. No limit is placed on number of illustrations used per article. Illustrations should be very clear (suggested 300 resolution and jpg. file) and include short caption, preceded by "Fig." and the number.

Endnotes: Numbered with Arabic (1, 2, 3, etc.) not Roman numerals, followed by period. Endnotes usually are reserved for material that is explanatory or otherwise additional to what is in the text. If sources are used in endnotes, they should appear as cited in text. For example: (Gombrich, 1960:16).

References: Alphabetically listed. Use author's full first name, not initials, unless parents named him/her only by initials. Examples of different types of entries are:

Book, single author:

Harvey, Robert C. 1994. The Art of the Comic Book. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.

Book, article, or presentation, multiple authors:

Beez, Jigal and Stefanie Kolbusa. 2003. "Kibiriti Ngoma: Images of Women in Swahili Comics and Taarab Music." Paper, presented at the 19th Conference of the Pan-African Anthropological Association, Port Elizabeth, June 29-July 4.

Chapter in book: 

Graebner, Werner. 1995. "Mambo: Moderne Textformen und Rezente Spachentwicklung in Dar es Salaam." In Swahili Handbuch, edited by Gudrun Miehe and Wilhelm Möhlig, pp. 263-277. Cologne: Köppe.

Article in journal:

Beez, Jigal. 2006. "Fuβball in Politischen Karikaturen Ostafrikas – Football in East African Political Caricature." In Fuβball: Ein Spiel viele Welten – Football: One Game Many Worlds, edited by Karin Guggeis, pp. 52-55. München: Arnoldsche.

Article in periodical:

Kipanya, Masoud. 2001. "Kipanya ni Nani?" Femina. Feb.-Apr.:4-7.

Article in newspaper:

Benson, Ralph. 2008. "Cartoons Won't Die." New York Times. May 16:Arts 14.

Article in newspaper, anonymous:

Japan Times. 2004. "Publisher Censors." Nov. 12:A-12.

Paper presentation:

Beez, Jigal and Stefanie Kolbusa. 2003. "Kibiriti Ngoma: Images of Women in Swahili Comics and Taarab Music." Paper, presented at the 19th Conference of the Pan-African Anthropological Association, Port Elizabeth, June 29-July 4.


Lat (Mohd. Nor Khalid). 1986. Interview with John A. Lent, Shah Alam, Malaysia, July 16.


McCormack, Gavan. 1997. "Holocaust Denial à la Japonaise." Japan Policy Research Institute. Working Paper No. 38. Available at <

            >. Accessed June 11, 2006.

Citations: In text citations should give last name of author, year of publication, page number (Smith, 1976:13). Page numbers written in full, e.g., 612-648.

Punctuation: A comma after each item in a series, e.g., bravery, courage, and loyalty. Concerning quoted matter, printers' rules apply:

comma or period always within quotes: "   ." "   ,"

semi-colon or colon always outside quotes: "  ":   "   ";

question mark or exclamation mark placed according to which part is a question or exclamation.

Dates: Specific centuries, as, 21st Century.

            Order of date: Nov. 11, 2008.

Capitalization: U.S. English standards.

Bio data: Include as last item on manuscript, 5-6 lines of career biography of each author:

Adam Kern is associate professor of Japanese literature at Harvard University. Among his publications are …. 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Issue 11-1 shipping soon

John reports that issue 11-1 has arrived at his house and will be shipped next week. If you're expecting an issue and don't get it in the next couple of weeks, contact John.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming book announcement

Marco Pellitteri's Il Drago e la Saetta. Modelli, strategie e identità dell'immaginario giapponese ('The Dragon and the Dazzle: Models, strategies and Identities of Japanese Imagination', has won the Japan Foundation's grants for the translation into English and publication for a worldwide distribution. The book will be printed in 2010.

Marco's written for IJOCA if anyone wants to read his work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New book: Your Brain on Latino Comics

The author, Frederick Aldama, has written in that his new book Your Brain on Latino Comics is out and he's started a blog about it as well. An interview can be found at "OSU professor shares story of Latino comics," Steve Skok, OSU's The Lantern 5/21/09.

Monday, May 18, 2009

CFP: Mid-Atlantic Pop/Am Culture Assoc., Boston, Nov. 2009

[from the Museum-L list]

General Call For Papers Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association Annual Conference, The 2009 MAPACA conference will be held at: Hilton Boston Logan Airport in Boston, MA from Thursday, November 5 - Saturday, November 7, 2009.

This is a general call for papers for the more than 40 session topics ranging from American Studies to Comics/Cartoon/Video Gaming to Environment and Culture to Music and Culture to Popular Architecture and the Built Environment to War. Proposals are welcome on all aspects of American and Popular culture.

To submit a proposal, please send a 150-word abstract and a brief CV or bio to the appropriate area chair by June 15, 2009. Panels of 3 or 4 presenters, single papers, roundtables, or alternative formats are encouraged. Sliding scale registration fees apply.

For further information and descriptions of areas, please visit, click on conference information then click on call for papers.

Or contact:
Loretta Lorance
MAPACA Membership Coordinator

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 30: Manga Shakespeare event at the Cartoon Museum, London

This is to let you know about the special Manga Shakespeare event happening at the Cartoon Museum.

We still have a few places on our Half-Term Workshops on May 27- 29.
See the website for more details

Saturday 30 May 1.30 – 4pm
Manga Shakespeare Day

Join ILYA, artist on the new Manga edition of King Lear, and Emma Vieceli,
artist on Much Ado About Nothing, for a fascinating and dramatic afternoon of exhibits, talks and slideshow presentation.

Get the inside track on how they present William Shakespeare's characters and storylines in their new Manga Shakespeare graphic adaptations, published by Self Made Hero.


ALSO: A character-from-Shakespeare design competition, open to all, free to enter, with PRIZES! Bring your pens and ideas.

Other Manga Shakespeare artists will also drop by.

Free with admission to the Museum
£5.50 Adults
£4 Concessions
£3 Students with valid student ID and Art Fund Members

Free to Under-18s and Friends of the Cartoon Museum
Children 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult
Museum Hours 10.30-5.30.
Make a Day of it!

Cartoon Art Trust Limited operating as the Cartoon Museum.
Company limited by guarantee, registered in England Number 2290220.
Registered Charity Number 327978.

Registered Office:
35 Little Russell Street
London WC1A 2HH
Tel: +44 (0)207 580 8155
Fax: +44 (0)207 631 0793

Monday, May 11, 2009

Indonesian cartoonist Eko Nugroho in New York

Tales from Wounded Land

Eko Nugroho and Wedhar Riyadi are two of the most noted members in Indonesian society of our generation. For this exhibition, they each will present sensitive works that reflect their personal take on Indonesian society and popular culture, while exploring their own multifaceted inner worlds.

Using cartoon as his foundation, Eko Nugroho explores various mediums, such as painting, drawing, embroidery, mural and animation. He approaches sociopolitical issues with a humorous and cheerful perspective. He simultaneously, manages to successfully transmit a cynical tone that forces his critics to face current governmental, social and global institutional issues.

Through his exploration of animated images, Wedhar Riyadi has adopted the art of comic as his chosen language of expression. With flat lines and color, he builds realistic impressions through cartoon using drawing and painting as his primary medium. Wedhar’s presentation of personal experiences that originate in his work make him one of the most promising young Indonesian contemporary artists of today.

Tales from Wounded Land will be on view at Tyler Rollins Fine Art from May 14 – June 27, 2009

529 WEST 20 STREET, 10W NEW YORK, NY 10011