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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comic Art Bibliography: ANTHOLOGIES, REPRINTS

No comments yet on this special feature? Oh well. Here's a section I've been working on with some current reviews.

Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons and True Stories (Yale)
Brunetti, Ivan. 2008. An Anthology Of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons & True Stories, Vol. 2. Yale University Press
Evans, Bryn. 2009. An Interview with Ivan Brunetti. Bookslut (February):
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von Busack, Richard. 2009. It's a Scrawl World: Ivan Brunetti's new anthology of comics and graphic fiction is a wide-ranging stroll through risky territory Metro Active (April 1):
Wild, Peter. 2008. Ivan Brunetti. Bookmunch:
Best American Comics
Feran, Tom. 2008. Rich sampling in "The Best American Comics," edited by Lynda Barry, leaves readers hungry for more. Cleveland Plain Dealer (November 12). Online at
Gehr, Richard. 2008. Pulp Fictions: Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons & True Stories Volume Two and The Best American Comics 2008. Village Voices' Pulp Fictions blog (October 22):
Maury, Laurel. 2008. Books We Like: Beautiful, Graphic 'Flights' Of Fantasy. (August 13):
I Live Here
Kirshner, Mia. 2008. I Live Here [Joe Sacco and Pheobe Gloeckner stories]. New York: Pantheon
McConnell, Robin. 2008. Mia Kirshner and The I Live Here Project [Joe Sacco and Pheobe Gloeckner]. Inkstuds (November 20):
Kramer’s Ergot (SEE ALSO Harkham, Sammy)
Gehr, Richard. 2008. Pulp Fictions: Kramers Ergot 7 and The Ganzfeld 7. Village Voice Pulp Fictions blog (November 12):
Harkham, Sammy. 2008. Kramer's Ergot #7. Buenaventura
McConnell, Robin. 2008. Sammy Harkham [on Kramers Ergot]. Inkstuds (December 1):
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Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology
Website -
Blog -
Official promotional trailer -
Brady, Matt. 2009. Greg Pak: Creating an Asian American Hero with The Citizen. Newsarama (March 27):
Contino, Jennifer M. 2009. Revealing Chow's Secret Identity [Secret Identities anthology]. Comicon's The Pulse (February 24):
Ishii, Anne. 2009. Secret Identities Revealed. Publishers Weekly’s PW Comics Week (March 10):
Neubert, Amy Patterson. 2009. Comic book artists reveal their 'Secret Identities' with Purdue visit. (March):
Powers, Rose. 2009. Secret Identities book tour visits UI campus, spreads cultural awareness. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Daily Illini (April 1). Online at

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