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Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Wonder of Sound and Vision: Film, TV & Other Media Adaptations of Comics 2022 edition FREE EBOOK

The Wonder of Sound and Vision: Film, TV & Other Media Adaptations of Comics (2022 edition)

Arlington, VA: ComicsDC 2023


 In 1977, in a completely different context, David Bowie sang, "Don't you wonder sometimes; About sound and vision?" In the comics world, the question had long been answered with a firm "Yes." Since the earliest days of the comic strip, theatrical adaptions were common, and were soon followed by film shorts. After all, as we've seen with the current plethora of big budget comic book movies, the material to adapt – to reuse, repurpose, revisit, revise, and sometimes retread (I'm looking at you, Blondie) was just sitting there, already paid for. The list includes any type of comic strip, panel or book that originated on paper, but not original animation, even if it later resulted in a printed series. series. It usually does not include videogames, although the level of animation in them has become quite high and it seems as though a convergence between videogames and movies may not be too far in the future. This list and its format originated with Manfred Vogel of Germany. After his August 1997 version, he turned it over to me to continue and shortly after that Manfred died. I would like this list to be a continuing memorial to him. The last version of this was published in 2007, as the boom in superhero movies was just about to take off. I have not seen all of these movies, so I recommend checking against other sources if possible. This is an ongoing project and any corrections or additional information is welcome. Previous versions were released for the indexing group APA-I as Comics Stuff #9 and on my ComicsDC blog. 1,764 additions since the last edition are marked with *.

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