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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Table of Contents for Vol. 25, No. 1 Spring/Summer 2023

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IJOCA Vol. 25, No. 1 Spring/Summer 2023

Comics and Propaganda: World War II

Ester Hotová


The Modern Imaginaire in Cao Hanmei’s The Golden Lotus

Xiutang Li


Chatting with 1/6: A Graphic Novel Writer Alan Jenkins about Insurrections and Threats to Democracy

Mike Rhode


In Favor of Happy Endings: An Interview with Bane Kerac

Darko Macan


Japanese Jesus: The Humanity of Jesus in Hikaru Nakamura’s Saint Young Men

Daniel D. Clark


Cartooning the Inverse Zoo: The Forgotten Comic Art of Kurt Wiese

Aaron Humphrey


“Here Is a Man Who Would Not Take It”: The Contemporary Revival of the Newspaper Comic Strip

The Outbursts of Everett True 1905-1927

Richard A. Voeltz


“Do I Really Need Color in This Story?” An Interview with Reinhard Kleist

Mark David Nevins


Sabaibukei: Critiquing Capitalism in the Death Game Genre

Joseph Christopher Schaub


“What’s Funny about AIDS?”: How Howard Cruse’s “Wendel” Confronted a Crisis

Cassia Hayward-Fitch


War, Gender, and Diaspora in Clément Baloup’s Memoires de Viet Kieu

Mattia Arioli


The Boom of Female Comics in the 21st Century in Brazil

Daniela dos Santos Domingues Marino

Natania Aparecida da Silva Nogueira


Flash Gordon, Blake and Mortimer’s American Uncle Chapter #1: What Is a Superhero?

Éric Dubois


Cartoonist Ambassador of Hope: Nigar Nazar of Pakistan

John A. Lent


Texas Jack Kent: A Comic Storyteller in San Antonio

Paul V. Allen


Basohmics: Reviving Basohli Art Through Modern Indian Comics 

Aditi Magotra and Varsha Singh


Sanctioned Satire: Political Cartoons from China Daily

Linn A. Christiansen


A Chat with Chad Bilyeu of Amsterdam

Mike Rhode


The Duality of Manga in the Work of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Freya Terryn


“The Rebirth of Angus Og”

Laurence Grove


Karimata 1890: Silent Comic with Nusantara Concept

Iwan Zahar


Maurice Horn: a Memorial

Kim A. Munson


An Essay

From Material to Meaning: Implications of Challenges to Young Adult Graphic Novels

Jason DeHart


Not All Heroes Need Museums: Brussels’ Marc Sleen Museum Closes

Wim Lockefeer


Quadrinhopédia, a Brazilian Comics Biographical Dictionary Database

Lucio Luiz


Demystifying The U Ray, the Better to Rewrite the Origin Myth of “Blake and Mortimer”

Éric Dubois


Lianhe Zaobao’s 100th Anniversary Cartoon Exhibition and the Role of Comics in Asia in 2023

Lim Cheng Tju


Book Reviews

Michel Matly. El cómic sobre la guerra civil, by Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, p. 542.

Chesya Burke. Hero Me Not: The Containment of the Most Powerful Black, Female Superhero, by Stephanie Burt, p. 561.

Miguel Ferguson and Anne Timmons. Brigadistas! Am American Anti-Fascist in the Spanish Civil War, by Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, p. 566.

John. A. Lent. Asian Political Cartoons, by Matt Wuerker, p. 579.

Michelle Ann Abate. Blockheads, Beagles, and Sweet Babboos: New

Perspectives on Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts,” by Chris York, p. 581.

Edward Sorel. Profusely Illustrated, A Memoir, by John A. Lent, p. 584.

Simon Grennan, Roger Sabin, and Julian Waite. Marie Duval: Maverick Victorian Cartoonist, by Lizzy Walker, p. 588.

Simon Appleford. Drawing Liberalism: Herblock’s Political Cartoons in Postwar America, by Christina M. Knopf, p. 593.

Jimmy Kugler and Michael Kugler. Into the Jungle! A Boy’s Comic Strip History of World War II, by James Willetts, p. 597.

Heike Bauer, Andrea Greenbaum, and Sarah Lightman, eds. Jewish Women in Comics: Bodies and Borders, by John A. Lent, p. 600.

António Antunes. Angeli: 50 anos de humor, Bárbara Reis, José António Lima, and António Antunes. Cartoons do ano 2022, by John A. Lent, p. 602.

Michael Rhode and John A. Lent. Comics Research Bibliography 2022 E-book Edition, by Michael Rhode, p. 605.

Michael Rhode. The Wonder of Sound and Vision: Film, TV & Other Media Adaptations of Comics (2022 Edition), by Michael Rhode, p. 607.

Michael Rhode. Public Radio and Voice of America on Comics & Cartoons: A Bibliography (2023 Edition), by Michael Rhode, p. 608.

Compleating Cul de Sac 2nd Edition Available in Print by Michael Rhode, p. 609.

Exhibition Reviews

Laurie Anne Agnese

Michael Rhode


Letters to the Editor



Michael Hill


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